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  • Sep 14-15, 2020

  • Venice

  • Italy

  • World Congress on

    Material Science and Nanotechnology

    About city

    Venice has more than 270.000 tenants and is the capital of Veneto Region and Veneto Province in north-east Italy. It was additionally truly an autonomous country and the capital of the Serenissima Venetian Republic for more than a thousand years and referred to on account of this as the "Serenissima".

    Venice is world-popular for its waterways it is based on an archipelago of 118 islands shaped by around 150 trenches in a shallow tidal pond. The islands on which the city is assembled are associated by around 400 scaffolds. In the old focus, the trenches serve the capacity of streets, and each type of transport is on water or by walking. Venice is all around thought to be the most wonderful city on the planet in view of this unordinary urban outline and its limitless creative legacy; it is incorporated into the legacy of humankind ventures secured by UNESCO and has the most astounding number of guests of any Italian city, a large number of whom are outside visitors.

    Due to its irregular development of trenches and scaffolds it is an intriguing city to find by walking or by water buses(vaporetti) or gondola. The core of the city is Piazza San Marco, the main square deserving of the name in Venice. The others are called "campi" (fields) or "campielli". The great Basilica di San Marco, the house of God of Venice, the most celebrated of the city's holy places and outstanding amongst other known cases of Byzantine engineering, is in the focal point of the square. It is secured by overlaid Byzantine mosaics delineating the narrative of Venice, together with superb bas-reliefs speaking to the times of the year.

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