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How do i submit my abstract

You can submit your abstract online only and would be peer reviewed by scientific committee members for approval.

Can i do online registration

Yes, Select your desired payment method: Master Card, Visa or American Express. You may be required to go through an additional level of security depending on your credit card verification policy. International transaction authorisation is mandatory.

Can i pay by bank transfer

Yes you can

Can you send me invitation letter for visa

If you do need visa, the organization will be pleased to give you a letter of invitation for your application. Visa applications requirements and documents needed are to be requested from the concerned embassy or consulate. The letter will be send by Email only.

When should the speaker arrive at the presentation room?

We recommend that the speaker should arrive 15-30 minutes early to session.

Will I have access to the Internet?

Complimentary Wi-Fi will be provided inside the conference hall.

How long should I plan for my presentation?

You will have 25 – 30 minutes of presentation (excluding Q&A).

Can I get a discount for registering early?

Genvio offers an early-bird discounts on all registration levels to those who register for the conference by a certain date. More information about registration rates kindly visit the website.

Who is eligible for the Poster competition?

Poster competition is open to Graduates, Post Graduates and Research Scholars not above the age of 35.

What is the dimension of the poster?

Each poster should be approximately 1x1 M long.

What are the necessary documents I need to submit for my visa interview?

Passport with 6 month validity.

Passport size photographs.

Photo copy of passport.

Copy of online Filled form.

Letter of Invitation from the organization.

Residential Address proof.

What kind of facilities do you offer for an Exhibitor

You can attend our live sessions of the conference; you can also give a presentation about your Company and your products. Even you can also sponsor to promote your company during the conference.

Does Genvio Conferences make travel arrangements for speakers?

You are responsible for making all travel arrangements. We will offer Invitation letter to support your Visa application.

Program Changes or Postponement:

The conference organizers reserve the right to modify the program. If Genvio Conferences Postpones an event for any reason and you are unable or unwilling to attend on rescheduled dates, you will receive a credit for 100% of the registration fee paid.

Do you provide Transportation:

Please note that any (or) all transportation and parking is the responsibility of the registrant.

I will not be presenting any work at the Conference. May I attend the event without registering?

We welcome participants who are not presenting work, but registration is required. You can register under delegate category.

Can we avail group discount

Yes, Group discounts will be provided upon approval by the conference manager.

Is the conference program available online

A full conference program/ schedule, including conference sessions, will be available on www.genvioconferences.com website prior to 3-4 months of the conference.

Is it possible to attend the conference for one day

Yes, one-day conference registration is available. Please note that your registration is valid only for sessions and events on that day and badges will be actively checked throughout the conference to ensure that participants have registered properly.

Can i get an official invoice

We can also issue an official invoice including the tax number of our institute. If you need one, please contact the conference manager responsible for your meeting with your request.